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February 8, 2020 Biz Expo0

Property Management Software For Private Landlords & Letting Agents. A comprehensive web-based software solution to help private landlords & letting agents to be more efficient & streamline the management of their rental properties. EasyPM is a web-based online property management software solution that enables Private Landlords, Letting Agents & Property Managers of rental properties to […]

February 5, 2020 Biz Expo0

NUACOM an Irish Telecom and Software company that provides a business phone system for small and medium-sized enterprises. We help teams increase their productivity and set automated call flows with our advanced calling softphone or VoIP phones. Using NUACOM’s Suite of Features, businesses can optimize how they handle calls and serve their customers. LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: […]


January 13, 2020 Biz Expo0

Orcawise is a platform, which includes AI sales intelligence, sales prospecting campaigns and digital sales coaching.  This enables companies to cut costs and dramatically increase profits. Why Orcawise? You’ll have a team of business & data science professionals providing the right blend of sales/marketing/technology to consistently drives sales and profits. You can have a customizable […]