We’re delighted to have the stylish and innovative TAPiTAG returns to exhibit at Biz Expo. If you’re interested in enhancing your business cards and branding in general then TAPiTAG are the people to talk to. Their team will be available to chat between 9am and 4pm at Croke Park on Friday, 22nd September, 2023. Discover new technology and ways to boost you business at Biz Expo 2023. Register for your ticket right here.

Who are TAPiTAG?

TAPiTAG Smart Business Cards are helping companies of all sizes, move to a paperless & sustainable way of connecting and networking with clients through their cloud-based platform. With a single tap of your card, you can share and engage with prospects and customers.

They create a customised card that fits within your brand guidelines. From fonts, to logo’s, they can help you create the perfect card. Choose from a range of PVC, Wooden or Metal cards. Your Brand | Your Design.

All TAPiTAG products are built with the latest NFC technology. This allows you to share your contact details, social media profiles & much more by tapping your card off your customer’s phone. Your details will be saved instantly to the receiver’s phone when the save contact button is tap’d. You can also receive your customers contact details using the ‘Connect with me’ Button. Update your contact details at any time by logging into your profile. You’ll always be up to date.

TAPiTAG is the perfect tool for networking. Never buy another paper business card again.

Based in Athlone and Dublin TAPiTAG are supported by Enterprise Ireland, we are members of Guaranteed Irish and we have customers in 41 countries across the globe including 2 of the big 4 accounting firms.


Understanding the Benefits of IT Solutions for Your Business

IT solutions can help your business become more efficient, productive, and secure. But what are IT solutions exactly, what are the benefits, and what kinds of solutions are available? In this article, we will discuss the various types of IT solutions and how they can benefit your business.


To put it simply, IT solutions, or information technology, are tools and services that help businesses store, manage, and protect their data. IT solutions are used across many industries and can help businesses become more efficient and productive. It is important to know about the different types of IT solutions and how they can improve your business operations, as well as help keep your data secure.

There are many reasons why IT solutions can help your business. For example, with an IT solution, businesses can automate their processes, giving them more time to focus on more important tasks. IT solutions can also help streamline processes, which can improve business productivity. Additionally, IT solutions can help ensure that data is properly encrypted and securely backed-up, protecting it from unauthorised access and potential data loss.

The Benefits of IT Solutions

The following are some of the benefits that IT solutions can offer:

Improved Efficiency

IT solutions can help businesses become more efficient by automating processes. For instance, automated processes can save businesses time, as they don’t have to manually manage data and information. Automated processes can also reduce the chances of errors, as they can reduce the margin of human error that is inherent when data is manually managed.

IT solutions can also help businesses streamline their processes. Streamlining processes can help make businesses run more efficiently, as there are suddenly less steps for tasks to be completed. This can result in faster response times, allowing businesses to turn around tasks in less time.

Increased Productivity

IT solutions can help businesses become more productive. For instance, by automating administrative tasks, businesses can focus on more important tasks. Automation can also reduce the amount of resources that are used in the process, thereby freeing up resources for more productive uses.

IT solutions can also help businesses have better communication. This is because IT solutions can provide a better platform for businesses to share information, which can help improve communication and collaboration.

Better Security

IT solutions can help businesses stay secure by encrypting their data. Encrypting data helps protect it from unauthorised access, as only authorised individuals can access the data. Data encryption can also help keep data safe in the event of a cybersecurity threat, as the data is unreadable in a encrypted form.

IT solutions can also provide businesses with back-up solutions. Back-up solutions are important, as they can help businesses recover their data if the data is lost or corrupted. Additionally, back-up solutions can help businesses recover from cyber-attacks and disasters, as the back-ups can be used to restore the data.

Types of IT Solutions

There are many types of IT solutions that are available. The following are some examples of IT solutions that businesses can use to improve their operations and stay secure.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a type of IT solution that allows businesses to store and manage their data in a remote server, instead of a physical server. This makes it easier for businesses to access their data, as they can access it anywhere with an internet connection. Additionally, cloud computing allows businesses to scale their operations easily, as the remote servers can easily be adapted to accommodate the business’s growing needs.

There are many benefits that come with cloud computing. For instance, cloud computing can reduce a business’s operational costs, as the business does not have to maintain their own physical servers. Cloud computing can also allow businesses to access powerful applications, as cloud computing can provide the businesses with access to powerful applications that would otherwise require a high investment in hardware and software.

There are various types of cloud computing services available. The most common types are Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). IaaS provides businesses with a virtual infrastructure, PaaS provides businesses with a platform to build applications, and SaaS provides businesses with access to software applications.

Software Solutions

Software solutions are computer programs that provide businesses with the tools needed to manage their data and operations. Software solutions can help businesses streamline their processes and increase their productivity. Additionally, software solutions can provide businesses with the tools they need to manage their customer data, as well as the tools to analyse and interpret the data.

There are many benefits of software solutions. For instance, software solutions can automate processes, which can help businesses save time and money. Additionally, software solutions can increase the accuracy of data, as software solutions can help reduce the margin of human error.

There are many types of software solutions available. For instance, accounting software can help businesses manage their financial data, customer relationship management (CRM) software can help businesses manage customer data, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can help businesses manage their operations. There are also other types of software solutions available for specific industries.

Network Solutions

Network solutions are technologies that provide businesses with a secure and reliable network. Network solutions can help businesses access the internet securely, as well as securely share data within the network. Additionally, network solutions can provide businesses with the tools needed to manage their network and ensure that their data is securely transmitted.

There are many benefits of network solutions. For instance, network solutions can provide businesses with reliable access to the internet, which can be an invaluable tool for businesses. Additionally, network solutions can provide businesses with the tools to manage their networks, ensuring that the networks are secure and efficient.

There are various types of network solutions available. For instance, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) can help businesses access the internet securely, firewalls can help protect the network from unauthorised access, and wireless access points can provide the network with a wireless signal.


IT solutions can help businesses become more efficient, productive, and secure. From cloud computing to software solutions to network solutions, there are many types of IT solutions available. However, it is important to understand the types of IT solutions available and how they can benefit your business, as each type of IT solution can provide different benefits.

In summary, IT solutions can be an invaluable tool for businesses, as they can improve efficiency, increase productivity, and keep your data secure. Knowing the types of IT solutions available, as well as their benefits, is essential to ensure that businesses are using the right IT solutions for their needs.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, IT solutions can be an invaluable tool for businesses. From cloud computing to software solutions to network solutions, there are many types of IT solutions available. It is important to understand the types of IT solutions available and how they can benefit your business, as this knowledge can help you make the best decisions about the IT solutions that your business needs. You can discover businesses that offer IT solutions at Biz Expo 2023. Chat with exhibitors such as EVAD Technology Group, Magnet Plus, Red Castle Technology, Web World Ireland, Profile Technology, TAPiTAG, iplicit, Camermatics, .IE and more on September 22nd in Croke Park

We are very excited to have DHL Express exhibit at and sponsor Biz Expo 2023. Their team will be available to discuss their services between 9am and 10am on Friday, 22nd September at Croke Park. Register for Biz Expo today and get full access to the exhibitor hall, an all inclusive networking breakfast & lunch, workshops and seminars. Give your business a boost at this B2B networking event. Get started right here.

About DHL Express

DHL Express Ireland is the market leading provider of Time Definite and Day Definite international express services in Ireland. Although they’re global company, they have demonstrated their commitment to the Irish market by establishing all of their key support services (customer services & accounting, customer IT support) in Ireland with minimal use of out-sourcing.

The services and connectivity provided by DHL Express Ireland into the global marketplace have become an increasingly important part of Ireland’s economic infrastructure and enables Irish exporters and importers to grow their businesses and compete directly with their international competitors. This infrastructure is consistently under review. Most recently DHL are operating their first carbon neutral depot in Dublin city centre and 2022 marked the opening of their brand-new state of the art €11.7 million facility in Blarney, Co Cork. They’re eagerly awaiting the delivery of their electric road fleet which should arrive Summer 2023.

Every decision at DHL is made on the basis of keeping the customer at the centre of everything they do. Furthermore, their policies are Insanely Customer Centric, and their business mantra is ‘Thinking Inside the Box’ – reminding employees to always remember that it is not just a box they are moving from A to B, but a business prototype, essential documents, life-saving medicine or an important gift.


The Benefits of B2B Events and How to Make the Most of Them

Attending B2B events can be a beneficial, effective and necessary move for any company. But what exactly are B2B events, and what are the benefits of attending them? This blog will explore the advantages of these events and outline the types you should consider as well as various strategies to ensure you get the most out of them.

Definition of B2B Events

B2B events (business to business events) are networking and educational gatherings for organizations seeking to market their products or services to fellow businesses. Generally, these happenings are aimed at professionals from similar industries, those located in the same geographic area or those who share the same job title or type of company.

Overview of the Benefits of B2B Events

The benefits that derive from attending B2B events are numerous—from expanding one’s professional network to sparking investment opportunities and creating brand recognition—so companies should take full advantage of them. Gaining access to potential customers, honing communication skills, becoming more involved in the industry, and eventually making strategic partnerships with fellow professionals can all be achieved through well-attended B2B events.

Benefits of Attending B2B Events

Establish Your Brand

Attending B2B events enables companies to establish and enhance brand recognition. These events are an opportunity to showcase the best of the company, such as products, services, and team members, to those who matter most—potential clients, partners, or strategic alliances. By leveraging the power of a well-crafted story and personal interaction, businesses can greatly exceed expectations and make a lasting impact. Props and interactive elements can also help leave a memorable impression on the audience.

Build Relationships With Potential Clients

The purpose of B2B events is to establish connections with potential clients. These events enable like-minded people to socialize and exchange information about industry trends and develop mutually beneficial relationships. They can also provide valuable insights into customer preferences, helping businesses craft strategies to better meet such needs when selling their products or services.

Expand Your Network

By attending B2B events, businesses can expand their networks of contacts from related industries and learn more about their own field. The connections made at these events offer a platform for further collaboration. It is also an ideal opportunity to build relationships with those who may be willing to invest in the company’s products or services. Attending B2B events gives business leaders the chance to become more involved with industry initiatives and other special interest groups.

Strategies for Making the Most of B2B Events

Research the Event

Doing some research prior to any B2B event is essential to making the most out of it. Knowing who the key decision makers are or who the major players are in the industry can help one create an agenda tailored to their needs. It is also advantageous to research the topics related to any panel discussions or presentations that might be taking place. Doing a bit of digging also enables one to learn in advance who else will be present, so one can take the opportunity to introduce themselves before any form of event.

Prepare Your Pitch

Developing a succinct and captivating elevator pitch can boost one’s credibility and help distinguish them from the competition. Crafting a prepared and polished 15-second pitch summarizing the company will help increase the chances of making a lasting impression and gaining the attention of key decision makers.

Create a Follow-Up Plan

After attending any B2B event, it is important to follow-up timely and strategically. Creating an effective follow-up plan with contact details of key decision makers is instrumental in staying connected and building relationships. Additionally, post-event surveys or evaluations can provide feedback on the event’s effectiveness and any measures that could be taken in the future.

Types of B2B Events


Seminars are a type of B2B event typically tailored to a specific industry. The main focus of seminars are to educate and inform attendees on the solutions and services they provide. Common topics of discussion may include the introduction of a new product, the launch of a new service, or various industry trends. Seminars are also an ideal opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions and potentially network and exchange resources.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are among the more popular types of B2B events. Here, you can showcase your products or services to potential or existing clients. This type of event is typically attended by industry professionals, including investors, sales representatives or business partners. Trade shows also grant access to educational sessions, workshops and panel discussions, with a prime focus on the exchange of products and services.


Conferences are a more expensive type of B2B event. They offer attendees invaluable resources such as thought-provoking talks, key industry contacts, and interesting panel discussions. Conferences are often attended by top executives, providing access to new opportunities and potential customers.


Summarize Benefits of B2B Events

Attending B2B events can be highly beneficial, providing organizations with the chance to network, establish their brand, discover potential clients, expand their network, and hone their communication skills.

Recap Strategies for Making the Most of B2B Events

Making the most of B2B events requires preparation and research. When attending a B2B gatherings, research the event, prepare an elevator pitch, create a follow-up plan, and engage with potential clients. Also, consider attending trade shows, conferences, and seminars accordingly.

Taking part in B2B events can be an extremely profitable move for any business. With these tips and strategies, your organization will soon be reaping the rewards of full-attendance and making the most out of your educational and networking experience.

If you’re interested in having your business attend or exhibit at a B2B event this autumn, Biz Expo is returning to Dublin on September 22nd. This event will take place from 9am until 4pm inside Croke Park’s Hogan Suite. Ton find out more information please visit the Biz Expo website or email us at

Biz Expo, Ireland’s largest B2B trade show, conference and networking event, is taking place on Friday, 22nd September 2023 at Croke Park’s Hogan Suite in Dublin.

Register to attend here.

In addition to the large exhibitor hall, which brings together thousands of business and decision-makers to network and shop for products and suppliers, Biz Expo also features main stage presentations from influential keynote speakers that are guaranteed to inspire you and boost your business IQ!

Bronagh Cotter, CEO of, the main sponsors of Biz Expo, said: “We are thrilled to be putting together an exceptional line-up of speakers from various industries for this year’s Biz Expo. All of us are looking forward to being inspired by leading industry figures who will share their knowledge and experiences with us throughout the day, providing attendees with invaluable insights and information on how to take your business to the next level.”

Speakers at the Biz Expo: Boost Your Business IQ!

Speakers confirmed so far are:

Ivan Yates 

Ivan Yates is a broadcaster, columnist, businessman and former politician, holding the position of Fine Gael Dáil deputy for more than twenty years. A native of Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, he became the youngest member of the 22nd Dáil at twenty-one. He was appointed Minister for Agriculture, Food and Forestry in 1994. He founded Celtic Bookmakers, a chain of betting shops, which became one of the largest independent family chains in the country.

Ivan presented The Hard Shoulder, Newstalk’s drive time show and Tonight TV. Ivan set up last year and is now a top Communications Coach.


View Profile

John Lowe

John Lowe is probably best known for his popular books on personal finance ‘The Money Doctor’, ’50 Ways to Wealth’, ‘The Money Doctor Finance Annuals’ all published by Gill & Macmillan – two of the eight editions went to the number one bestseller position in Ireland (paperback non-fiction section). The 2013 Annual was published after the December 2012 Budget and is endorsed by Joe Duffy, Brendan O’Carroll, Jim Power and Gay Byrne. 

With over 27 years experience in the banking sector – he is a Fellow of the Institute of Bankers, a member of the Institute of Directors ( successfully passed the Chartered Director programme in IMI Sandyford through IOD) and a member of the Life Insurance Association – and a genuine interest in helping people make their money work for them, John is one of Ireland’s most respected personal finance gurus.




View Profile

Mags Boland Murphy

Mags Boland Murphy, CEO at Bofin Consultancy and Growth & Profit Business Strategist and Business Mentor. After over 20 years working in executive and management roles in the commercial arena, Mags established Bofin Consultancy to help businesses and professionals who struggle with development, marketing, operations, specific business challenges, scalability, profit planning and strategy, to show them how they can create the ideal business balance, make leaps in revenue, with simple but powerful solutions that they can implement again and again. Mags also helps them to address operational challenges and find solutions to overcome them while continuing to be productive and successful.


View Profile

Emma Boylan

Emma Boylan is an international business and marketing coach and speaker and has worked with clients and delivered workshops and training all over the world. Emma helps clients to stand out, reach their ideal client and she’s put many clients on a faster path to more money, by doubling and tripling their income.

She left her 9 to 5 job 9 years ago to fulfill her dream of starting her own business; when she saw that most marketing was all the same and that businesses were really struggling to attract the right clients and have a message that made them different.

Using her passion for creative content and background in psychology, over the 9 years, Emma built a business that has served 100’s of businesses all over the world, helping them get crystal clear on their message, so they stand out, get noticed and fill their businesses with clients in record time!




View Profile

Andrea Hayes

Andrea Hayes Broadcaster & Author.  Andrea is an Irish Times and Sunday Times best selling author, whose  previous books include the best selling Pain-Free Life: My Journey to Wellness, My Life Goals Journal, Mind Body Soul Journal and Dog Tales. She is also a well known Irish broadcaster and presenter. Andrea has a passion for spirituality, health and wellness, she holds an MA in Applied Spirituality, is a clinical hypnotherapist, Bethany grief facilitor, Spiritual Director and teacher of Spiritual direction for Anamacharadas.



Johanne O’Halleron

Johanne O’Halleron is a business mentor and sales expert for coaches and holistic therapists, who want to sign their first five clients. Johanne has witnessed so many women doubt their ability and self worth when building a business and stop before they have even begun. Her mission is to empower as many women as possible to create the business they want without restriction and have some fun doing it. Johanne’s motto is It’s never too late to go after what you want, you just have to decide you are going to.




View Profile


Further speakers and the full day’s schedule will be announced soon!


About Biz Expo

Biz Expo is Ireland’s largest B2B trade show, conference and networking event, dedicated to small business owners and business professionals. The event has been held in Dublin since 2011. Biz Expo brings together thousands of business and decision-makers to network and shop for products and suppliers throughout Ireland. In addition to our large exhibitor hall, there are a host of networking opportunities including: business-critical workshops, speed networking, business card exchange and main stage presentations. Admission is free to business owners and professionals.

Learn more here.


Biz Expo 2023 will feature an excellent variety of businesses showcasing their products and services on September 22nd at Croke Park. Among these exhibitors will be CameraMatics. Don’t forget to register to get full-day access to the Biz Expo exhibitor hall, networking breakfast & lunch, workshops and live seminars compered and moderated by Ivan Yates and Andrea Hayes. Get tickets here.


About CameraMatics

CameraMatics is a driver-centric cloud system founded in 2016 by Mervyn O’Callaghan and Simon Murray. The founders noticed the rapidity of change required to properly serve fleet operators, therefore the CameraMatics system has been designed to be configurable and modular.  

Deployable to any vehicle type, utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as HD-cameras, driver apps, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and pedestrian detection sensors. Big data generated is transformed into fleet-relevant insights that support driver safety, load security, sustainable operations, and continuous learning and improvement. 

Consequently, the insights generated through the CameraMatics system empowers both drivers and fleet operator to become more agile, and responsive and continuously improves their performance, through enhanced visibility and digitized smart processes.  

Their AI-connected video technology gives drivers and fleet managers a 360-degree birds-eye view of the surrounding road and other road users, aiding in making the road a safer and more sustainable place for all.  


Are you seeking recruitment services for your business? Leading international recruitment agency, PE Global, will be exhibiting at Biz Expo in Croke Park on September 22nd. Tickets for our business networking event are now on sale. Register today and get full access to the exhibitor hall, networking breakfast and lunch, workshops and seminars that’ll be moderated by broadcasters, Ivan Yates and Andrea Hayes. Find out more here.

About PE Global

PE Global stands as a prominent global recruitment agency, specializing in delivering personalised recruitment solutions to SMEs as well as multinational organizations across domestic and international markets.

PE Global’s extensive experience since 2005 has allowed them to offer efficient, affordable, and tailored recruitment services.

Their range of job opportunities encompasses temporary, contract, fixed-term, and permanent positions, and their track record reflects a remarkable success rate in placing professionals across diverse disciplines.

Operating from their offices in Ireland, the UK, and India, PE Global has built a strong reputation by fostering long-term partnerships with their clients. They take pride in offering innovative designs and cost-effective solutions, underpinned by their reliable judgment, robust management, and technical excellence.

What sets PE Global apart as a recruitment agency is their deep understanding of the technologies and technical manpower requirements within the industries they serve. This knowledge and insight are derived from the exceptional quality and experience of their personnel.

Furthermore, their highly motivated recruitment consultants are guided by a dedicated management panel that adheres to stringent guidelines and strives for continuous service enhancement.

PE’s collaborations extend to esteemed multinational companies in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, renewable energy, cloud data services, medical devices, healthcare, life sciences, and engineering.

PE Global has received the Supplier Excellence Award from Kelly Services, Inc. for the ninth consecutive year. This recognition further acknowledges PE Global’s outstanding performance as a leading recruitment agency.

Are you ready to take your business to new heights? Biz Expo 2023, Ireland’s largest B2B trade show, takes place at Croke Park on 22nd September (9am-4pm) bringing together industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and business professionals to make connections, share ideas, and shop for products and suppliers.

This year’s event promises an exceptional lineup of exhibitors and an inspiring schedule of guest speakers. 

Book your spot now and join like-minded professionals, potential partners, investors, and industry experts at this year’s Biz Expo.

Register here.


From groundbreaking startups disrupting industries to established enterprises building on years of success, Biz Expo 2023 brings together a diverse range of sectors, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Bronagh Cotter, CEO of, the main sponsors of Biz Expo, says, “Whether you’re seeking partnerships, investment opportunities, or simply looking for inspiration, our line-up of exhibitors will take you and your business to the next level.”


Biz Expo 2023 will once again include the Agenda Stage, which plays host to FREE Seminars throughout the day covering a wide range of topics.

Bronagh says, “We are delighted to host leading industry figures on the Agenda Stage to inspire us with their stories and share their knowledge, experiences, and insights with us.”

“This year, we are thrilled to announce that Ivan Yates will be the event compère. In his capable hands, the Agenda Stage will be the perfect platform to inspire and empower every attendee to unlock their business potential.”

Register now to secure your spot at Biz Expo 2023 and take your business to new heights this September.







A ‘start-up’ can be defined as a business venture typically involving new technology or an innovative approach to age-old problems. Networking refers to the action of building and sharing connections with other people, businesses, and organisations. Through networking, start-ups may increase their visibility, access to expertise, and the opportunity to develop and grow.

The following provides an overview of the power of networking to promote a start-up and explains different networks and strategies for connecting with other people, businesses, and organisations. It also outlines the benefits of networking as well as some potential pitfalls start-ups may face when network building.

Networking Strategies for Start-Ups

There are a variety of network strategies that start-ups can use to promote their venture and increase visibility within the business industry.

Exploring Your Network

Exploring your network involves connecting with individuals and businesses that you already know, or those who may know about your company. This could include friends and family members, colleagues, and people that you have connected with using social channels such as LinkedIn. Through connecting with these people, start-ups can learn more about the industry and reach a wider audience.

Building Your Network

Building your network refers to making connections with people or organisations you may not already know. This could involve joining professional associations such as the Institute of Directors or attending key events or seminars in your industry. Additionally, there are many online platforms that can help you connect with new people or potential customers such as Meetup,, and Eventbrite.

Exploring Resources

Exploring resources involves researching the governments, local and business resources available to start-ups. This could include government-run support programmes such as Start-Up Loans, where aspiring entrepreneurs are loaned capital to help them grow their businesses. Additionally, there are many local resources that can help start-ups such as business groups and incubators in a particular area. Additionally, there are many websites and businesses that offer services such as crowdfunding campaigns, mentorships, and networking events for start-ups.

Benefits of Networking for Start-Ups

There are many benefits to networking for start-ups. Firstly, networking can help you to increase your visibility in the business industry. Furthermore, by connecting with other businesses and organisations, start-ups can access a broader reach. This includes the ability to access potential customers or suppliers, as well as gaining exposure to a larger audience. Additionally, networking can give start-ups access to expertise and advice from experienced business professionals. Additionally, networking may provide start-ups with the opportunity to raise capital from potential investors.

Pitfalls of Networking for Start-Ups

Despite the many benefits, there are also some potential pitfalls of networking for start-ups. Firstly, start-ups can lack focus when network building, which could mean that they are not making the most of their networks. Additionally, start-ups may not clearly understand the benefits that networking can provide. Furthermore, network building can culminate in the reinforcement of negative or bad habits such as poor time-management or not having goals and objectives. Finally, start-ups need to take the necessary steps to protect themselves against scams from untrustworthy people.


Start-ups can benefit greatly from network building, as it can provide them with visibility, increase their reach and access to expertise. That said, start-ups must ensure that they take the necessary steps to make the most of networking and avoid potential pitfalls. Networking can be an invaluable asset when it comes to launching a start-up business, but it is important to remain cautious of scams and to carefully lay down objectives. As such, network building can be an effective tool for start-ups looking to promote their business.

Call to Action

Start-ups who are looking to promote their business should consider taking the steps outlined in this article. Exploring your network, building your network, and exploring resources will help start-ups to increase their visibility and make the most of their networking experience. To summarise, start-ups should look into how network building can help them to promote their business and reach a broader audience.


If you’re eager to give your business a boost then check out Biz Expo 2023. Learn more about the business networking event here.

Do you have a great brand that you’re dying to showcase? Eager to get the right stand to make your business pop? Nomadic Display are experts in pop-up technology and work within the exhibition circuit. Furthermore, their team will be exhibiting at the upcoming Biz Expo. This B2B networking event will take place on Friday, 22nd September, at Croke Park. Interested in chatting with Nomadic Display and learning more about their services? Register today for full-day access to Biz Expo 2023!

Who are Nomadic Display?

Perhaps best known for inventing pop-up technology over thirty years ago, learn how Nomadic Display can help your business produce dynamic and creative exhibition stands that include backlit displays, counters, fabric displays and accessories. The goal is to maximise your attendance at trade shows, exhibitions and sales events by creating the most innovative and value-for-money exhibition stands that show real return on your investment, both now and in the future.

They blend custom built style with the savings benefits of lighter weight to help you dramatically reduce your operational and ownership costs. Additionally, they guarantee your 100% satisfaction with an unbeatable collection of top-quality displays that blend legendary design with durable construction. And they back every one with first-class service – before and after the sale. So whether you decide to purchase or rent, you’ve made the right choice to consider a Nomadic Display.

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