Magnet Plus


Magnet Plus is Ireland’s largest connectivity provider.  We offer connectivity to each business premises in every Irish town and city via a combination of an owned network and interconnections with 18 partner networks.​ Magnet+ draws on over 17 years’ experience driving the availability of ultra-high-quality connectivity via LAN, WAN, SD-WAN, WI-FI, 4G & 5G and FTTP technologies.  Supported by over €270 million infrastructure  investment. Three words sum up why Magnet Plus is different: People Powered Connectivity. Magnet Plus has a access to over 54,000 KM of group owned fibre, 226 owned wireless high-sites, direct connections to every data centre in Ireland, plus primary data centres the UK and Mainland Europe. Plus over 220 Cloud Access providers including AWS, Azure and G-Suite.

Magnet Plus draws on a long and rich legacy. It blends the resources of AirSpeed and Magnet Networks – two of Ireland’s most successful telecommunications companies – to do more, give more and listen more. We’re Ireland’s largest connectivity provider. This means we ensure every corner of the country experiences world-class connectivity.

Connectivity that stimulates innovation, encourages growth, enables success and, most importantly, connects people. People are at the heart of everything Magnet Plus does – and this has set a standard for support and service that no other provider in Ireland can match.

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