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What is a Business Headshot ?

February 16, 2017 by Biz Expo0

What is a Business Headshot ?

First, we have to make something clear- what business headshot is not.

A business headshot is not another passport photo that you can make in two minutes in a photobooth.

or just a cropped photo from, let’s say – your sister’s wedding or a selfie made in worst case scenario in our kitchen.

It won’t capture you in the best light, at the best angle, and it certainly won’t capture that perfect expression which exudes your personality.

If your headshot isn’t professional, it doesn’t help people warm up to you, it doesn’t inspire confidence in you, it doesn’t help people trust you.

A business headshot is our digital identity packaging – and packaging is the key word when we think about that. We wouldn’t buy a badly packaged product, would we?

We care about “packaging” ourselves in the best possible way – We buy expensive branded suits or dresses or cars to create an impression.

But at the same time, people often present themselves for instance on Linkedin using Facebook photos from a weddings, restaurants or with pets. Do not get me wrong I do not have anything against dogs or cats but profile picture on LinkedIn with pets is probably only appropriate for vets or animal rights activists.

So, in a nutshell, a Business headshot is our message to the world, it shows us in proper lighting at the right angle and, most importantly, a good business portrait should also consist of an emotional layer obviously, a natural, sincere smile works the best.

And this is my role as a photographer. It’s much more than me using expensive equipment to create quality images. You pay a photographer for their expertise in the way they position you, the things they can say to you in a conversation to evoke those warm, spontaneous expressions which make you look approachable, friendly, and professional.

Our business headshot is also our logo which will appear on LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, email header and finally more and more often on business cards.

Why do we need a business headshot?

We all know the saying that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression

Your headshot is often the first contact people have with you, especially now that we’re all so active on social media.

I think we should regard also business headshot as our personal brand logo.

It’s important that you change it everywhere, that means every online account you have, Twitter, Google+, Linked In, your Blog avatar, Forum profiles, email account profile photographs, everywhere you have a presence online, your professional headshot should be there to build your personal brand recognition and create that positive first impression!

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