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Technology Gateways: Biz Expo 2019 partners

April 16, 2019 by Biz Expo0

Enterprise Ireland’s Technology Gateways programme are partners of Biz Expo 2019. Learn more the network and its collaborators at the Citywest on 6th June.

About Technology Gateways

Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateways is run by Enterprise Ireland in partnership with the Institutes of Technology around the country delivering innovation expertise and solutions for Irish industry.

There are 15 Technology Gateways in the network, situated within 9 Institutes of Technology and 1Technological University around Ireland. The Network focus on key technology areas which are aligned to industry needs in areas such as polymers, photonics, mobile, coatings, industrial design, mechatronics, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, wireless technologies and precision engineering. Each centre works in conjunction with industry to aid the research and development of innovative products and services through a dedicated team of specialised engineers.


To boost the power and knowledge of the Gateways, three unique gateway clusters have been developed to enhance the delivery of research and innovation for Irish SMEs. These clusters are in the areas of Applied Internet of Things (A-IoT), Engineering, Materials and Design (EMD Ireland), and Food and Beverages Technologies(Irish Food Tech). Each cluster consists of relevant specialised gateways and a dedicated support office, which can assist you with any questions you may have about the Network.


Technology Gateways are used by companies of all sizes, but especially SMEs. Typical projects focus on the development of a new product or service or the optimisation of a process. The project sizes vary from small short term, of which 60% are €5-10,000, to larger projects which range up to €200,000 typically funded from the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Partnership Programme.


Within each Gateway, a dedicated Gateway Managerand a team of sector specific business development staff act as the key contact points for industry and manage the successful delivery of projects on time and within budget.


Since 2013, over 1,500 Irish based companies have used Technology Gateways to complete more than 3,200 innovation based projects at a total value of over €30 million, 50% of which has come directly from industry.


Gateway staff are always happy to discuss potential collaborations with industry, so for more information see

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