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June 6th 2019
Biz Expo 2019 partner

The Pension Store

The Pension Store is a partner for Biz Expo 2019

Most people won’t have the lifestyle they want in retirement because they don’t have a plan in place to achieve it.

If you want a comfortable retirement then you need a clear financial goal.  Therefore, the Pension Store created an intuitive online calculator to help you find one in 30 seconds whether you’re an employee, sole trader or business owner.

Director, Kevin Henry has been working as a pensions specialist in Financial Services since 2005 when he started with Irish Life. Throughout that time he has helped thousands of people start, manage and claim their pension funds through good times and bad.

As a broker, his mission was to make pensions simple and to make it easier for anyone to plan their financial future.

As a result of the Pension Store’s market innovation and customer testimonials, they were awarded the 2019 All Ireland Business All-Star Accreditation for Pensions and Retirement Planning.






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