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Learn more about GDPR from Protectorate Solutions at Biz Expo 2019

February 26, 2019 by Biz Expo0

We’re excited to have Protectorate Solutions exhibit at Biz Expo this summer. The GDPR solutions experts will be promoting their services at the Citywest Conference Centre on Thursday 6th June. Register this B2B trade show today!

About Protectorate Solutions

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) brings substantial changes to the rules around personal data and its use.

At Protectorate Solutions Ltd. they understand the complexity of the regulatory and legal requirements of the GDPR and the Irish Data Protection Acts. Hence, they’ve created a wide range of solutions to assist you and your organisation on its compliance.

Their services include:

  • GDPR Compliance Documentation
  • Software Solutions
  • Staff Training
  • CCTV Anonymization
  • Confidential Security Consultation
  • Evaluation Reports


Protectorate Solutions are an Irish based limited company, set up to provide services and solutions to the public, private and academic sectors by aiding their compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulations and the Data Protection Acts requirements. They aid each organisation in with their documentary requirements in processing and encrypting personal data

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