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Mindset 4 Success

Danielle Serpico helps you discover a more useful way to effect beneficial changes in both yourself and others.

What you will gain from attending…

  • Insight into how others think and being able to read them better.
  • Ability to have better business and personal relationships.
  • Rapport building skills.
  • Persuasion, influence & sales skills.
  • More effective Communication.
  • A better attitude to deal with obstacles and adversity.
  • An understanding of how your mind works and how you strategise.
  • More confidence and self-belief.
  • Clearer focus, determination and motivation.

Acquire the Blackbelt Mindset for you to succeed!

YOU will take back control, plan out your future timeline and take more beneficial action for your business and life!



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With over 25 years experience in Business and Start ups, Danielle’s entrepreneurial background led her to founding The BlackBelt MasterMind Academy, with regular talks, workshops and trainings on Mindset, Effective Communication and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Danielle is an experienced business owner, as well as presently mentoring and coaching large teams on effective communication, customer service and sales skills – she will help you discover the most influential and beneficial ways to use language to effect powerful changes in both yourself and others.

After training with the best in the Hypnosis and Coaching industry, such as Tony Robbins, Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler, she now currently also works 1to1 with clients as a Mind Coach, using a mixture of practical life coaching, hypnosis and NLP to do her magic and create huge changes.

Her background as a Martial Artist, a blackbelt and a European Champion has stood by her through adversity, resulting in her practical self-development book, The BlackBelt MasterMind as well as her weekly Radio Program MindMatters on 103.2 Dublin City FM.