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Ortus Managed IT & Cloud

Ortus is a sponsor for Biz Expo 2020

At Ortus, service is our focus. We take pride in understanding your business and how our IT services can deliver short-term help and long-term stability and peace-of-mind.
Our people are at the heart of our success: quite simply, they are the best. We only hire Tier 2 staff who then train for six-12 months before going onto the customer-facing service desk. They are smart, hungry and humble with great communication skills. We encourage continual training and urge them to do as many courses as they can, which we pay for.
Ortus believe that more and more companies will outsource their IT in the future, as they see the value and cost-efficiencies we provide. We will remain on top of and ahead of all tech developments to bring the best-managed services for our customers.
Unfortunately, the IT industry in Ireland is broken and perhaps you’ve had to deal with spoofers, liars and Ostriches who bury their head in the sand when there are issues, how did that make you feel? quite simply we don’t. 
We take the SH out of IT.
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