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Saskia Kremer

Saskia helps successful, time challenged business owners, high level management and directors, who can’t find the bandwidth to pursue more lucrative projects and increase their profits.

When they work with her she helps them take their next big profit and success leap, building a high performing team that frees them to focus on building a bigger business vision that connects them with more profitable projects and clients.

Mother Teresa inspired Saskia to become a Missionary which brought her to work with people around the globe, helping them discover their meaning in life in sometimes heartbreaking circumstances.  After her burnout she created her own business, helping people find their way back into the working field after illness or serious accidents. Longing to create the life she wanted for herself and her two young children, as a single mum, she moved from Holland to Ireland and specialized in working with business owners, consultants and managers showing them how to create a bigger vision for their business and life, create clarity on more profitable projects and create higher performing teams.

Saskia’s story has inspired 100’s of others and was featured in National Newspapers and also featured with Irish broadcasters including RTE one with Ryan Tubridy, on Dublin City FM and a panel discussion on REDfm Business with Jonathan Healy. You will find her, speaking and inspiring people at events globally.


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