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Bassey Duke

CEO and Founder of Pruune Consulting Ltd
“Let us exceed your expectations“

Leaders are not born; instead, they develop their skills throughout a lifetime of practice.

The talk builds up on the following – show people you care by leading from the heart, your attitude sets your expectations plus your success, leaders inspire others to perform well consistently, don’t wait for inspiration to take action, develop the discipline to tackle work plus problems systematically, focus 80% of your efforts on the top 20% of your priorities, don’t let routine activities swallow your time, delegate unimportant tasks, encourage plus mentor other leaders in your organization, if you bring others into the goal-setting process, they will own the vision along with you and change is hard but to achieve it your have to explain the need for it to your followers.

This talk lays out 2 out of the 10 principles of leadership and team building.



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