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Robert Scalon

“Nobody would want to hack us…Why your SME is an ideal target for hackers and what you can do about it“

Former IBM-er, Robert Scanlon is a veteran of the IT sector.  Running a highly-successful data recovery business, Robert realised that the biggest information security threat to businesses is no longer failing hard disks but cyber threats.

Businesses are spending a fortune on firewall devices and sophisticated security software, but are still getting hacked. This results in reputatonal damage along with financial and data loss. The weakest link in all these cases is the user. Just one malicious web link or email attachment inadvertently opened can lead to a nasty data breach or cyber attack. In fact, it is estimated the 90% of cyber-attacks and data breaches can be attributed to human error.

Robert believes the most effective way human error in IT environments can be mitigated is with end-user IT security awareness training. SecureClick uses next-generation training methodologies, as used by some of the world’s most security-conscious organisations, to instill the best practice IT security behaviours in your staff. SecureClick training modules can be tailored to your industry sector or work role. IT security is brought to life with highly engaging case studies and simulations involving the latest threats in circulation. Content can be delivered on-site or via e-learning. Make the weak link the strongest link and minimise the risk of of a cyber attack or data breach occurring in your organisation.






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