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Revenue Growth for business success

Mags Boland Murphy

Future Proof Your Business for Success: How to overcome business challenges & recharge your revenue

Revenue Growth for business success.
Mags Boland Murphy
Future Proof Your Business for Success: How to overcome business challenges & recharge your revenue.

As an award-winning revenue growth strategist and recognised business consultant working nationally and internationally, Mags helps and supports businesses who may be struggling with specific business challenges, marketing, profit planning and strategy. Mags shows them how they can have big leaps in revenue, with simple but powerful solutions that they can then implement again and again. The focus is always client centred and on helping business owners and their teams to reach their full potential, grow profit and optimise their game plan.

Mags is the founder and principal at Bofin Consultancy working with clients in Ireland, UK and Sweden. She is equipped with over 20 years of on the ground commercial and industry experience. The sectors we support and work with include Tourism & hospitality, food, retail, construction, SMEs, professional services, start-ups and business support organisations.

During the Biz Expo 2020 speaking slot, Mags will explore how you can enable success in your business and overcome specific challenges which are facing SMEs at present in the marketplace. We will show what you need to do to simply overcome, achieve and progress in your business in 2020 and beyond Brexit. This does not need to be stressful….it is about applying a simple success focus to you and to your business and showing you simple steps to overcome challenges and build revenue routes.

If you are serious about future proofing your business, overcoming business challenges simply and recharging your revenue for a sustainable business then this speaking occasion will be of real value.






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