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6th JUNE 2019
Founder of L2 Cyber Security Solutions

Liam Lynch

Liam Lynch has nearly 30 years of experience working in the world of technology.

Liam Lynch has nearly 30 years of experience working in the world of technology. He started out as a developer in the late 80’s but always had an interest in the technology that he used every day so moved into IT Infrastructure Management. He also had an inherent ability to create secure environments, both physical and digital. He “sees” security.

He has worked with a number of companies over the years, from small operations to large corporations. He found that, in spite of massive expenditure on technological security solutions, these can all be thwarted by “Dave” in accounting opening an “invoice” (i.e. evil software) in an e-mail which has sneaked past all of the filters, firewalls and anti-virus.

He thought there has to be a better way. He knows what the threats are out there and how to spot them and protect enterprises from them. So he has developed the most comprehensive Internet Safety Training on the market. This is delivered in an easy to comprehend manner that people of any ability can follow. He lives to the maxim #SecuritySimplified.

Once that was completed he turned his attention to his other favourite subject, Data Protection. Liam has been studying cases of identity theft and data breaches since the late 90’s. With the advent of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Liam collaborated with a qualified solicitor (who translated the legalese into English) and crafted training material to make the GDPR easy to understand and prepare for. There is no scaremongering with Liam, in fact some people even have fun at his training sessions.

Liam Keynote Talk:

Don’t be afraid of the big bad GDPR.

There is a lot of fearmongering being employed by consulting firms to try and scare businesses into subscribing to their expensive GDPR services. They use legal jargon and make the whole thing out to be super complicated.

Let’s face it. If you have no data protection policies and procedures currently in place, then there will be a job of work to do, to become compliant. But once you have a plain English understanding of what is required, you will probably be able to put the required documentation in place yourself, get your staff fully aware and embrace the protection of personal data within your organisation.

In this talk, the following questions will be answered:

  • Where did this GDPR thing come from?
  • What’s expected of me?
  • What can go wrong?
  • Where should I start?



Don’t be afraid of the big bad GDPR.



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