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Kenneth Scally

Owner and Managing Director at WestTech Technologies, Kenneth Scally is a well decorated IT Specialist and business leader with over 10 years in the IT industry.

Some of his titles include author, influencer, consultant and of course entrepreneur. Kenneth began his studies at the Dublin Institute of Technology where he secured a degree in Computer Science.

Kenneth started WestTech Technologies in 2019, due to the fact that he felt the SMB & SME sectors were being overlooked by the bigger vendors, partners & distributers.

There were noticeable gaps in the market that needed to be addressed. At his company, clients are able to outsource just about any IT need and depend on the team to provide the latest in technology. This way, business owners can save time and effort and focus on other aspects in their respective companies

During his career, Kenneth transitioned from an IT specialist to focus more on being a business leader to be able to cater to a wider business market.

With this, he was able to lead multiple teams and devise strategies to implement IT solutions across various industries. Kenneth is adept at integrating technology with his clients’ needs to come up with innovative time and cost schedules. As a result, he is better able to understand the needs of every client and hence provide more effective solutions.

In addition to being great at providing innovative and effective technological solutions, Kenneth is also an avid social networker. He thrives on meeting people from all parts of the world with a variety of cultural origins.






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