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Digital marketing and design


Barbara Franzoni is the founder of Copped On Digital Media, specialising in branding and visual storytelling.

Along with her enormous passion for film, photography and design, she
has a first class honours degree in Creative Digital Media and a professional diploma from
the Digital Marketing Institute. Barbara is also a regular contributor to Irish Tech News.

Barbara has a unique combination of skills and her experience in design and film-making
can help you with all of your digital needs, from creating logos or promotional videos, to
beautiful headshot photography and business cards. Her mantra is to present a consistent
and unified message across your entire brand.

In her talk which centres around the psychology of colour, Barbara explains how clever
use of visuals can tap into the subconscious of your audience to tell a memorable, true
and consistent story without a single word.

Twitter: @CoppedOnDMĀ  @BarbaraFranzon1


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