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3 powerful pathways to focus your team on a career that inspires & satisfies them – whilst retaining them

Aoife Mollin

Supporting your teams to focus on their own career strategy allows employees to work towards a career that inspires & satisfies them, whilst contributing to the results of the organisation is how you retain staff. In this talk you will discover 3 powerful pathways you can implement with your team immediately as well as practical tools and tips for getting the best out of your team and inspiring them to stay within the organisation.

Aoife Mollin is the founder of AMAResults that supports professionals who are dissatisfied in their careers that are dragging down their entire life. Clients work with Aoife to uncover a plan to a career that inspires and satisfies them so they are more fulfilled in a career they love and have the energy and time to enjoy life again – without the stress. This leads to greater confidence, satisfaction & success in their role.

Aoife started her career in corporate finance advisory working with companies that were restructuring their debt finance. This began her work with change management as she realised her interest was more in supporting the people going through the change, rather than the financing of the change. She has supported clients in large organisations across industries – financial services, IT, transport,retail –  within both the private and the public sector.

Aoife combines her 15+ years consulting experience with training and coaching skills, allowing her to challenge individuals to understand how they can map out a career that allows them to contribute more effectively to organisational performance, while enjoying their work.

Aoife holds a European honours degree in Business & Legal Studies from University College Dublin, a Diploma in Corporate & Executive Coaching and a Diploma in Personal and Small Business coaching. Aoife is a member of the Irish Institute of Training & Development (IITD) & the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Aoife is currently pursuing a part-time Masters in Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology with the University of East London & a PCC credential (Professional Certified Coach) through the ICF. Aoife was a finalist in the 2016 Coach of the Year Ireland ICF awards. Aoife is All-star accredited through Business All-stars






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