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“Celebrating small wins“ the habit that breathes success in business.

Amanda Delaney

Founder of We Can and We Will a high trust community network. Amanda has helped over 120 people to share their stories on stage at her We Can and We Will Talk networking events.

Amanda made the decision to brand herself over 4 years ago and grew her network using Facebook and other social media platforms. As a busy Mammy there never seemed time to attend networking events so she embraced video as a way of attracting and connecting with her audience.

Amanda is passionate about helping people. She is authentic and shares openly and honestly about her own business journey.

Her motto of “Together everyone achieves more” is evident in the support and encouragement found by the 400 + members of her community.

The topic of her talk

“Celebrating small wins”.

A habit that can breathe success into any business.

This is a concept she has been sharing weekly with her network group of over 400 and the growth in business owner’s confidence and productivity is evident.



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Biz Expo will bring you a great team of keynote speakers to give you every angle on business networking and running your business in Ireland.

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