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6th JUNE 2019
President of the Professional Speakers Association

Alec Drew

Did you know that there are additional profits hidden in your business waiting to be discovered?

Alec Drew is a SME Business Coach and Mentor who took a business with a net profit of €7k per annum and turned into a net profit of €700k per annum using his simple business approach. He is President of the Professional Speaking Association, Ireland and speaks on business topics both nationally and internationally. He is a published author and is a regular contributor to business shows on radio.

Alec has the ability to make the complex simple. He has 35 years of business experience during which time he has distilled the information gained from reading countless business books, attending 100’s of business conferences and working with SME business owners into simple but effective tips. He now helps companies identify loss-making activities and increase profits.

I have identified more than 100 simple business tips that can make your business even more successful and you can put into practice immediately without spending any money. Alec will be sharing some Best Practice Business Tips including

1 How Retrospective Discounting gets rid of the tyre kickers
2 How a simple change in management style added €100k to the bottom line
3 How Toxic Talk damages customer relationships



Simple Business tips that can make your business even more successful.



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