Biz Expo Partner

February 20th 2020
Biz Expo 2020 partner

Irish Education Partners

Irish Education Partners will be a partner at Biz Expo 2020

“Irish Education Partners (IEP) have been placing talented international students into host companies in Dublin since 1989. All of these students are looking for unpaid internships for between 2 weeks and 10 weeks and have received either Erasmus or some other type of funding to cover the expenses of their experience in Ireland. Whether it is to control staff costs, get a project you’ve been putting off doing or if your office could use an extra pair of hands, IEP will find you a suitable candidate to meet your requirements. For your peace of mind, IEP ensures that all of our interns have insurance that fully protects your company and themselves for the duration of the internship.So get yourselves fully prepared for 2020 by making use of these talented interns that are at your disposal.

Irish Education Partners






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