The Biz Expo will now have its own networking coordinator Howard Hughes, owner of Howard Hughes International. His role on the day will be  to connect people and businesses in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Howard will be equipped with a list of the businesses that are displaying along with a dedicated networking area in which people will be able to deliver their elevator pitch to an attentive audience and create the relationships that sustain business in the long term.

Howard’s own networking experience comes from being the education officer with the Lucan branch of the Dublin Chamber and learning the art of networking from The Referral Institute’s Alan Bell. Be sure to approach Howard at the entrance to put your name down or feel free to approach him as walks around the venue.”

Network and build relationships at the Biz Expo, City West Hotel this Spring.


Howard Hughes

Networking is the maintenance of mutually beneficial relationships

I saw a great image on LinkedIn the other day. It is a picture of Oprah and the quote is “Its called networking, not using”!”. Unfortunately, this seems to be the approach of many enthusiastic and well-intentioned business people who don’t understand why they’re not getting the results from this stream of marketing and brand awareness.

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