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Linked Finance

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Linked Finance

A better way to grow your business or your savings....

When Linked Finance launched in 2013 they aimed to solve a major problem facing small businesses in Ireland: access to funding. At the same time rock ­bottom interest rates frustrated savers with money to invest.

Using technology to cut out the middleman, Linked Finance brings business lending back to basics: where ordinary people with savings can connect and lend to trustworthy businesses that wish to borrow. Their online lending community is now provided much needed funding to thousands of ambitious business all across Ireland.

At Linked Finance, they offer Irish SME's a new alternative to borrowing from the banks. Real people can lend small amounts to great Irish businesses at very attractive interest rates.

Linked Finance is Ireland’s largest P2P lending platform and their lenders are providing business loans of up to €300,000 to Irish SMEs in every county of the country and across every sector of the economy.

Furthermore, they allow their lenders to make a difference to Irish businesses and earn better interest rates while businesses are free to keep their focus where it should be: ­on growing their business. 

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