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From a lifelong love of fragrance, instilled in her at a young age Nora Irwin has developed ARONA:   ARONA is an Irish Premium Solid Perfume brand made using organic beeswax, natural pure essential oils and absolutes.  It is synthetic and alcohol free and beautiful to wear.   Arona comes in three modern fragrances and presented in stylish eco-friendly containers which are both airport and handbag friendly.


At ARONA they believe that nature has given us the best ingredients to make the most ideal smelling natural fragrances possible. Therefore, they design fragrances reflecting the essence of nature.  Natural fragrances are complex and uncompromising, and their character adjust when in contact with the skin therefore you experience a fragrance that is totally individual to you. Designed and created for the modern women and their love for luxury fragrances.


ARONA delighting your senses, wrapping you in luxury.


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