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123 Insight Ltd

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123 Insight Ltd

The company was founded in Southampton, UK in 2000, and 123 Insight Ltd's founders have a long and extensive experience in all aspects of providing ‘traditional’ MRP system solutions to the manufacturing sector. 123insight now covers MRP, ERP and CRM, along with integration into various accounts packages.

The products and business model we created are a response to the fundamental flaws, both for customer and supplier, inherent in the traditional supply of such systems.

Here's why we're different:

  • Evaluate the product in an open environment without the pressure of sales staff
  • We invest heavily to produce excellent software by not paying for sales reps (who are targeted to extract extra money each and every year)
  • 'No obligation' training ensures that you're ready to implement 123insight before any major financial outlay is made knowing that the system will work for your business.
  • No lengthy contracts - a rolling monthly subscription where you can increase/decrease licences whenever you want
  • Fixed, open and transparent pricing.
  • All software updates are covered in the monthly subscription
  • Simple acquisition process:
    • Request access to view the 123insight Software Demo Movies on USB or online, separated by departmental roles at your leisure
    • Attend a local Evaluation Workshop, to answer any further questions
    • Attend No Obligation Training (just 6 days for the entire system), on the understanding that if you don't subscribe, you don't pay
    • Subscribe and pay for the training

The result is a truly unique, innovative and effective approach that breaks the traditional mould and delivers software that is exceptionally easy, affordable and risk-free to use.

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