What is Smart Card?

  • A digital business card solution.
  • Your business profile, branding, contact information, website and social media links all stored in one place.
  • Accessible on your smart phone (Apple and Android), your tablet, laptop and/or computer – on any device where you have an internet connection.
  • A secure online marketing tool that is reliable and straightforward to use.
  • An environmentally friendly way of promoting your business.

What does it do?

  • It transforms your paper business card into a mobile digital identity which can be taken anywhere in the world 24/7.
  • It facilitates simple sharing of your digital business card with colleagues, clients, prospective clients and leads.
  • It improves your business’s google ranking – card buttons are linked to your company website.
  • It provides valuable analytics in the form of monthly reports which give direct visibility of card usage and website interest.
  • It offers a user-friendly way to transact – whether that means bringing people to your shop page or encouraging them to become members of a service you provide. It’s easily done at the touch of a button.


Smart Card is so user friendly, anyone can use their card on any device without special knowledge.

By using the Forward to Phone or Forward to Email buttons, you can send out your smart digital card to anyone.

Then they have the option to either view online, download to their phone (an icon will be created on their screens) or save it to their directory for easy access.

Having studied Graphic Design & Visual Communication for 4 years in The Limerick College of Art & Design, Claire Molloy, (founder of Sweet Living Kilkenny), headed off to California where She spent 10 (sunny!!) years working as a Graphic Designer, Photographer and Stylist in San Francisco.


Upon her return to Ireland, she settled back in her home town, the medieval city of Kilkenny.
It wasn’t until returning home that the idea of creating custom Chocolate Bars came to fruition…… sort of by accident!…but a good accident.


At first she created and styled one off Candy Buffets for occasions and events. Combining her graphic design skills to create custom graphics and Chocolate Bars to suit the styling of each event. The Chocolate Bars quickly became popular as a stand alone product…… and so it began .


…..Now Claire’s custom and personalised Chocolate Bars have made their way throughout Ireland and farther afield!!