6 Reasons to Install PaperCut on Your Photocopier or Printer


Businesses are constantly striving to create efficiencies, to be more cost-effective and embrace technology, so we thought we’d review a few reasons why your business might want to consider PaperCut when it comes to the business’s printing policy. Think better security, think cost savings, think of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, think the reduction of waste – what’s not to love!

  1. It encourages your company to generate less waste and to become more environmentally and economically friendly – always good to be a part of your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.


  1. PaperCut will also increase the security of your business information, as printouts will only be released when the user is in front of the device. This is helpful when printing important documents that you want to remain secure and private.


  1. It encourages responsible print policies, one of which being that unreleased print jobs will be purged within an allocated amount of time. This will help cut down on waste and will help reduce those stacks of uncollected pages sitting at the printer.


  1. PaperCut will benefit your business by redirecting large print jobs to the more cost-effective, high volume printers in the office as opposed to the smaller desktop printers, this helping your company manage cost control.


  1. To reduce print abuse, PaperCut has a system that calls for employee badges or usernames and passwords to be used to control access to devices. This will also increase security as well as avoid printing abuse.


  1. PaperCut will also help your company recover print costs and reduce expenses, therefore improving overall profitability. They do this by locating the specific departments who print the largest volumes.


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Written by Biz Expo Guest Blogger