We’re big into promoting the upcoming Biz Expo (did we tell you it’s taking place at Citywest Conference & Event Centre on Thursday 20th February?!) and we greatly enjoy the superb brand-building and value-for-money that radio advertising can bring.

Since the start of January, we’ve been heavily promoting the Expo on three of Dublin’s biggest radio stations – Radio Nova, Sunshine 106.8 and Classic Hits. More than 400,000 people listen to these three great stations, creating valuable connections and and call-to-action for Biz Expo. Our radio commercials describe the event, explain how attendees can register and promote our premium sponsors.

Here is a selection of our radio commercials below:


AMA Results support senior & middle managers who are dissatisfied in their careers uncover a high impact plan to a more satisfied & successful career, without the stress. We combine this with supporting leaders to deliver effectively in a way that works for their organisation and themselves. This leads to confidence, satisfaction & success in their role as a leader.


We’re delighted to announce that GDG Business Finance will be Partnering with Biz Expo. Meet their team and many more on Thursday 20th February at Citywest.

About GDG Business Finance

GDG Business Finance are one if Irelands fastest growing Business Finance Intermediary’s. They are helping Irish businesses access a diverse and flexible range of business finance. They work independently, with a panel of market-leading non-bank finance providers in Ireland and deliver competitive funding solutions within 3 days.

We’re delighted to announce that HRLocker will be Partnering with Biz Expo. Meet their team and many more on Thursday 20th February at Citywest.


About HRLocker

HRLocker is a melting pot of talent. Like any true success story, it did not just happen overnight. After working in the UK as head if HR for O2, CEO Adam Coleman returned to Ireland in 2004. Here, he began his own HR Consultancy.


Over the years the company has flourished from having just two employees to over fifteen. However, it wasn’t until 2011 that they stumbled across what would later become the heart of the company. After being approached by Assembly Point, a software development company in Cork City, they became involved in the development of what would soon become HRLocker. With their input from a HR perspective, they helped Assembly Point develop a best of breed system that they then began reselling to clients.

HRLocker was an immediate hit with all of their clients. As a result,  Adam decided to buy HRLocker completely in 2013. In an instant they had moved from being a HR Consultancy to a tech start-up.


Smart Working

HRLocker has always been mindful of its humble beginnings and their reasons for coming to Lahinch #surfcity. A work/play balance is strongly emphasised and members of the team are encouraged to take up to two hours of “surf time” per week.

Just as HRLocker allows you to automate tasks and free-up time, the team here enjoy focused work and the benefits quality leisure adds to their levels of creativity and perspective.

“The joy of being cloud based is that we can work from anywhere,” says CMO Brian McDowell. “So why not Lahinch?”

Furthermore, they have attracted talent from Galway, Dublin, the UK, South Africa and more, proving once again that the age old mantra still holds – “All work and no play…..”

Today, HRLocker is live in 40 different jurisdictions around the world.

HRLocker believe in fostering a fun-loving environment whilst maintaining a strong focus on teamwork, creativity and customer service. Their origins as a HR consultancy means that they are in the unique position of being able to provide a HR system as well as the HR expertise that goes with it.

For all your Computer Servicing and Computer Sales needs look no further then Navan PC. Navan PC has done many different Advertising Displays for a wide range of Clients always to the highest standards. Digital Business Cards is another of Navan PC’s many services to avail of our services please get in touch by clicking the link below.

We are delighted to have Outbound as our Sponsor for Biz Expo 2020.

 is a sales automation and intelligence platform, driven by A.I which enables sales teams to instantly find & contact their ideal customer to give guaranteed higher sales conversions.

Find out more on

A member of ISME ourselves, we are proud to have the Irish SME Association exhibit at Biz Expo 2020.

About ISME

ISME, the Irish SME Association, is the only independent representative association for Small and Medium Enterprises and currently has in excess of 10,500 members nationwide. Uniquely in Ireland, ISME is independent of big business, big banks and government and gives voice to the issues facing SME owner-managers.

The tax-deductible membership is a cost-effective way for SME owner-managers to network with like-minded business people and to be continually updated on issues that impact on their business.

The mission of ISME, the independent organisation for the Irish Small & Medium business sector, is to:

Convert your spare capacity or stock into real usable budgets and purchasing power now!

Contra 4 Business in 4 steps

1. What do you want to buy?

Identify what you wish to buy from the Contra Network without using precious cash budgets.

You know your business so you tell us.

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Identify your spare capacity or stock. It may be hotel rooms, restaurant covers, radio airtime, courier space, printing capacity or excess or slow moving stock.

Either way it is not earning revenue so use it now by selling on Contra.

We advertise, market & promote your product / service and special offers via:

  • Online marketplace
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3. Join and start trading

Start getting quotes & get buying and selling on the network.

You are now acquiring what you need without using precious cash budgets – and paying back by making your product or service available to other Contra Members.

Ask yourself one simple question. – If you needed €10,000 worth of printing or radio advertising, would you prefer to pay with €10,000 cash in 30 days or €10K worth of your stock or service over time when it suited you? If the answer is yes, now ask yourself, WHY?
4. Contra Euro’s instead of cash Euro’s

Our unique Digital Currency.

The Contra Euro™ provides endless flexibility and cuts out the need, limitations and risks of direct exchange. When you buy, your Contra Account is debited with the value of your purchases… when you sell, your account is credited – just like a bank account…just without the actual money.


Direct Light have joined Biz Expo 2020 as partners. Find out more about their business on 20th February at Citywest.


Direct Light – is a Dublin-based integrated digital marketing and online business development agency that brings clarity to disruption. They have extensive experience developing multi-layered campaigns for corporations, colleges and universities, and non-profits.


Their clients are in industries that are extremely competitive, fraught with uncertainty, and under constant pressure to perform. They call Direct Light because they find or create the path forward.


Your Brand is one of the most important parts of your business, large or small, retail or B2B. Implementing an effective brand strategy gives your business a major advantage over the competitor. What does “branding” mean? How does it affect a small business like yours?


Your brand forms how your customers perceive you. It gives them an insight into what to expect from your products and services, and it differentiates your offering from your competitors. Your brand is a visual from who you are, whom you want to be and whom people perceive you to be.

Web Design

When it comes to website design they focus on, function, user experience and SEO.

There are thousands of companies who will build you a website that looks great but no one will ever see it.

When Direct Light is asked to design and develop a website, their main priority is to build a website that aligns with the company strategy. The designers help you add functions that can adapt to market changes such as growth, new product launching or new services.

Orcawise is a platform, which includes AI sales intelligence, sales prospecting campaigns and digital sales coaching.  This enables companies to cut costs and dramatically increase profits.

Why Orcawise?

You’ll have a team of business & data science professionals providing the right blend of sales/marketing/technology to consistently drives sales and profits.

You can have a customizable solution to find buyers and start conversations at scale. Full pipeline of warm leads automatically appears in your CRM .

If you’re a startup, a fast growth or an enterprise company – you can create amazing sales operational efficiencies for faster and more scalable growth.

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